Karrnath is a dark land where the army relies heavily on undead troops. Very gothic in its feel it is not an evil place but has had a recent history of being heavily influenced by a religion that believed in undead as a useful tool in maintaining power.

The average alignment of the country would be considered LN. Or in 4th Edition terms, just Lawful.

It is a heavy military ruled land and is still considered under martial law even since the war ended two years ago.

Karrnath has the Ironroot Mountains to the east. The Ironroot mountains is the home of the dwarven kingdom called the Mror Holds.

To the south are the Talenta Plains. These are controlled by dinosaur riding tribal halflings.

To the west is a large river that has carved out a grand canyon that separates Karrnath from their greatest enemy in the Last War, Aundair. The one bridge that crossed that canyon was destroyed in the Last War and there are no plans to reconstruct it.

To the north is the freezing pirate infested waters of the Karrn Bay.


The City's Bones Coign