Fort Deepdark

Located 80 miles to the southeast of Irontown and is known for its secretive experimental projects it conducted during the Last War.

Run by Commander Brandin ir’Dulinch.

First Lieutenant of Keep Deepdark is Wilhelm ir’Volker.

Troops are made up of a collection of undead but even more so than Fort Zombie and Fort Bones, Fort Deepdark has an unusual amount of unique and advanced undead.

The is only 1 living commander to every 100 undead. Each platoon and squad leader is an intelligent undead with only the company commander being alive. This means there are 10 living commanders for the 990 undead troops. Of those 990 soldiers, roughly 160 of them are intelligent leaders with the remaining 830 being unintelligent troops.

Fort Deepdark has an active battalion of 1000 troops with twice again as many in reserve. The reserve undead are stored in massive vaults in a basement structure of Fort Deepdark.

Fort Deepdark

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